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What Mobile Optimization Plans You Have For This Holiday Season?

By Traian

Javelin Strategy and Research’s survey on last winter’s sales reports indicated how mobile devices generated transactions in the amount of 20.7 billion dollars.

sezonul de iarna

Javelin Strategy and Research’s survey on last winter’s sales reports indicated how mobile devices generated transactions in the amount of 20.7 billion dollars. For this year howeverpredictions seem to be on different pages, at least if we consider three major sources:

  • MarketLive claims that 16% of consumers will research and possibly shop for holiday through their mobile phones or tablets
  • eMarketer predicts a 17% growth of online sales as opposed to the last year
  • National Retail Federation through its makes a forecast on a 12.6% online sales growth

No matter which of these estimations will define the context, it is important to specify that there arealready almost 86 million people only in the United States that shop through their smartphones and all the statistics from above are somewhat above the current numbers.

So there is one conclusion: people will shop this holiday online, mobile, even more than before. Instead of trying to find out how many of them will be looking for you, ask yourself whether your business is ready for holiday mobile shopping or not.

Google claims that 67% of the consumers it surveyed will be more tempted to buy through a mobile friendly website and 79% will leave a website that loads poorly on mobile devices, looking for a better alternative.

Here are several issues you need to think of:

  • Which are the gifts that people are most interested to offer on holidays
  • What promotions could motivate leads to buy from you instead from your competitors
  • How can you use your social media presence to drive sales this time of the year
  • Whether you can determine your visitors’ intentions of buying or just researching for products while being mobile
  • How will the giants in the field, like Amazon, approach the challenge of adjusting to users’ shopping behaviors

No, we are not going to serve you all the golden tips for each of these matters – in fact it is impossible to provide general trends in this direction as each marketer will need to adjust and position its campaign depending on the verticals it approaches. But we can, however, to give you some clues on how to improve your users’ mobile experience and hopefully drive more sales.

Begin by:

  • Making sure that the location of your retail point is easy to identify, perhaps with a store locator or with a map it element – people may find you mobile and still decide to come by in person so they need to know precisely where to come
  • Introducing coupons and QR codes to let everyone know what great deals you provide this winter – by the way, make sure that the deals are actually great, otherwise no one will buy from you if the price of the coupon will be anyway higher than the one of any other option on the market
  • Decorating your website with useful sharing tools so that people will easily spread the word on social networks about your offerings
  • Adding mobile commerce tools so that people can run orders and pay for them in real time

All these are must-haves of any mobile friendly website and the reason why you must have them right around this particular time of the year is that people are even more motivated to buy and you cannot afford missing them for not having such simple features.

And now a few words on the QR codes and the price matching tactics you should be using. QR codes should be used as they make one of the handiest strategies to promote certain products on no matter what channel and have people instantly access them via mobile. The price matching policy however is about preventing shoppers from landing on your competitors’ pages just because they have deals. Finding a reasonable price for a widely disputed product is essential for approaching the leads that look for deals.

Just remember that the QR codes should introduce a crystal clear call to action together with a decent incentive. In order to make sure that anyone will be able to access your codes, always provide either web URLs or SMS access as an alternative to scanning. Now just use your fantasy and find out of the box ways of using those little codes.

As a last thought, have you considered using the mobile phone for an SMS campaign instead of the mobile sales drive that’s driving anyone crazy these days?

As long as you:

  • Have your visitors sign up and give their consent for receiving your messages on their personal mobiles long before the winter season starts
  • Find a less than annoying frequency for sending them SMS messages – meaning under 4 texts per month
  • Personalize messages so that they appear less annoying to recipients
  • Adjust messages to clear and compact calls to action
  • Use photos in your messages for a higher visual impact
  • Add links towards landing pages that benefit from mobile optimization
  • Let people opt out from your updates list without giving them headaches for this decision

…you should notice how prospects become responsive to your intrusion and irresistible offerings.

So what would it be this year?


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