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Dos and Don’ts for All Types of Internet Marketing

By Traian

From the tons of information available online, we decided to make a short, concise guide with the basic dos and don’ts for each category.

Reguli marketing

Take a look around and you’ll see we’re trying to cover pretty much all the types of internet marketing. And so do many other of those who claim to have the knowledge. From the tons of information available online, we decided to make a short, concise guide with the basic dos and don’ts for each category.

We begin with what we consider one of the most important aspects of your business, which is the on-site content. Your website might look amazing, but the wow isn’t going to last unless you have something to back it up, and that would be great information. So don’tthink that looks should count more than the message from beneathDo your best to give people what they truly want and need, think of them first and you will receive the benefits you expected as good things come to those who wait and work hard.

Following the web content goes the search engine optimization, a very much controversial topic these days, given all the updates that Google launches in an attempt to scare away the magicians with their white hat or black hat techniques. If you have satisfied your human readers, the time has come for you to also satisfy the bots and crawlers sent by search engines to analyze your website. Don’t use the dirty tricks, these can only give you short term benefits and later make you get penalized and loose more than you have wonDo instead your best to make constant research in your niche and make the optimization process as natural as possible, with competitive keywords in the places where they are most needed.

Making the step towards social media, the field where if you do not have an account you basically do not exist, you must be already thinking to Facebook and Twitter. And you have the right feeling, onlydon’t rely solely on these two giants. Pinterest is coming fast from behind and, as stats show, its users are more likely to purchase from the products they get to see on the network, as opposed to those on Facebook, who rather show off with what they’ve bought from other platforms. So do a research and enhance your presence in as many networks as possible.

Email marketing also deserves some attention. Considering that 58% of online consumers have a more than positive opinion about it, considering this form of communication very effective, you just need to work on implementing it. At this chapter don’t get too pushy by sending tons of emails with the latest offers. Try instead to do act like a professional who has something to offer, who brings value through its emails and not only puts pressure to increase sales. So alternate your advertising messages with news and preferably stick to one mail a week, nothing more.

The thing is that the only rule in internet marketing is constant change and shifting. As long as you have decent goals, you will find the decent strategies. Of course that:

  • Your goal is to generate traffic
  • You need to make sales in order to stay on the market
  • The higher you rank in SERPs the easier it will be to thrive your business

Only that

  • Not any traffic resource is good – you need to bring the people most likely to buy from you, not those who just hover around and accidentally land on your website
  • In order to make sales you have to build a valuable product and service and show like you are not desperate about selling
  • It does not matter that you are the first one in Google if you miserably fail in products’ quality, customer assistance, delivery services and so on.

There are many dos and don’ts, some of the don’ts being actually very tempting but making the difference between right and wrong can actually save your business. No one says that the world of World Wide Web is full of fluffy pink clouds, so get with your feet down to earth.


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