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Are Winter Holidays Your Business Off- Season?

By Traian

Despite the severely impaired global economy, people are still expected to spend considerable amounts of money for holidays, and with an impressive flow coming from anything else but computers

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In case you did not notice, winter holidays knock on our doors. If you do not want for your business to be overlooked with this occasion, planning from ahead an online marketing strategy to promote your business in context is mandatory.

To some, this is the best time of the year to lie down all day long and do nothing but reward themselves for all the hard work they have done throughout the year. To others on the other hand it will be the best time to pleasantly surprise their customers with thank you giftsto improve their presence on social networks and to attract even more customers for the year that is about to come.

Statistics are all shinny from the perspective of retailers, considering the report of the National Retail Federation, which indicates significant imports for the past three months, which represented the time frame of insuring merchandise for the winter holiday. If they buy more it means they expect to sell moreWhat are your expectations? No, wait, first read the following stats and then make a prediction for your own business evolution:

  • eMarketer claims that online holiday purchases will grow with 17% this year, making the jump from 46.63 billion dollars last year to approximately 54.47 billion dollars for 2012
  • Hubspot spotted that 40% of buyers will start shopping for holidays beginning with November
  • Marketingforecast estimates for 20% of the visits received by retail websites to come from mobiledevices and for 13% of their sales to be performed via mobiles

To summarize, despite the severely impaired global economy, people are still expected to spend considerable amounts of money for holidays, right from this month, and with an impressive flow coming from anything else but computers.

Need more studies?

According to Steelhouse, Facebook is the social network with the most users that spread the news on their online purchases, but Pinterest is the one to take the lead in terms of sales. In fact, 79% of the users of this network are more likely to buy something from what they find while surfing the platform, as opposed to those who spend time on Facebook offers.

PriceGrabber’s latest survey comes to underline even better the tendency of buyers to rely on online resources instead of going to local shops: only 46% of consumers are said to buy directly from stores this year, which means a 2% decrease as opposed to 2011.

And from TechJournal we find out that the Thanksgiving day, celebrated on 22nd of November, together with the Black Friday, on 23rd of November and the Cyber Monday on 26th of November arethe hottest events of the monthopening the season of shopping and making presents. People want to shop, they find if very comfortable either online or mobile and 42% of those who shop via mobile are expected to download and use a special shopping application.

All these considered, even as you stay here reading these stats you are losing precious time that could lead your business into off season for the holidays. Before you run, here is what we suggest you to do:

No matter if you own the type of business that does not really fit with the winter holiday season, you can still obtain a growth in both sales and cash flow, provided you constantly market your business the smart way.

This must be done right from the off season, no matter what time of the year would that be for you, and begun with an analyze of your customers’ emails. You want to use surveys to consult your customers on their preferencesneeds and even expectations for future eventskeep them up to date with the requests that you solve in their name and do not forget to use all the possible social networks just to tease them with your winter holiday offers.

Because your business will depend on numerous other variables, do not forget to:

  • Establish the financial needs for the upcoming season
  • Negotiate with your suppliers in order to benefit from more flexible payment time frames
  • Make sure that your invoicing process is good enough to support you getting paid faster
  • Look for other services or products more popular than yours and that you can startcommercializing even if it is for this winter season

Analyze, plan and expand yourself while having all your financial needs in mind is essential. Now you should go and start planning your holiday increase of revenues.


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