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Mobile Marketing Predictions For 2013 On The Rise

By Traian

Surveys show that mobile marketing is growing in 2013, based on a survey conducted over 1300 small and medium businesses.

Predictii mobile marketing

1.300 small and medium sized businesses have been surveyed by Borrell Survey with the purpose of making predictions related to social and mobile advertising in the year to come. Ordered by Pontiflex, a mobile apps specialized company in United States, the initiative had surprising results that might determine you reconsider the next year’s marketing strategy.

The goods and the bads are below detailed together with photos provided with the courtesy of Pontiflex:

Asked how likely it is to make efforts with implementing mobile elements for advertising 12 months from now,  49% of them responded with very likely (18%) and somewhat likely (31%):

With regards to their investment intentions in mobile media:

  • 45% wish to maintain them just the same
  •  27% to increase them
  •  24% have not decided
  • 4% will reduce expenses in this direction.

As for the exact investment percentages mentioned, the following chart is more than relevant:

What are the benefits that business owners are looking for whenever implementing mobile marketing strategies? The answer reveals a concerning aspect: 52% of them do not know what their preferences are!

And surprising or not, 26% want signups as opposed to 18% looking for clicks and 6% for impressions.

Considering how spread mobile phones and smart phones are these days, the interest in becoming accessible through mobile platforms is understandable. The problem however is that not having a strategy and specific goals for it is only going to waste your money and bring a small fraction of profit from the real gaining potential.

Among Borrell Survey’s most important conclusions was the one that small and medium sized businesses plan, in 72%, to at least maintain if not even increase their mobile marketing spends. Is this much or little?

The answer depends on what budget and expectations you have. But as a final interesting observation,38% of the reviewed managers declared they would pay even more for mobile advertising should the ROI increase.

Now, do you need some surefire tips to use with promoting your business via mobiles?

  • Invest in building a solid database with accurate contact details so you will personalize all the messages
  • Pay professional developers to create campaigns that are cross platform compatibles – you want your calls to action to be visible on any type of mobile device, be it Android, Blackberry, tablet or iPhone
  • Contract a smart copywriter to write you the most clear, concise, short and yet appealing messages
  • Develop your campaign based on geographical information – provide options in the area where the responded stands at the moment
  • Work with QR codes – they make the ideal channel of redirection throughout the options you provide your customer with
  • Optimize your website for mobiles
  • Send people useful informationnot solely ads for your products and services
  • Offer bonuses exclusively to your mobile users
  • Constantly track the results and adjust your strategy on the go – consider a usability testing to include your work colleagues or people you know from outside the business for a fair evaluation

As you do the entire above to make yourself a name and approach leads on their personal phones, you should also invest in promoting your mobile marketing strategy on various internet resources.

You can begin by using the traffic you currently get on the website and ask people sign up for text marketing. This is your chance to ask them what deals are they interested into and have a starting point for the future offerings you will be making via mobile. We advise you to:

  • Target every single campaign and create lists of receivers by the interests they have declared when signing up
  • Offer an attractive bonus for the sign up – free shipping for a product, a discount with the first purchase or anything else you can afford
  • Make irresistible offers but time countered – do not let them think a month whether to take the deal; let them buy today or never and make a different offer tomorrow

Are you one of those 72% who follow this trend?


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