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How to Get Poor Performance with a Great Affiliate Marketing Program

By Traian

We will show you the most common and dangerous pitfalls of entering an affiliate marketing programso you will know how to avoid them in the future or stop doing them right now if that’s the case.

Performanta in marketing

Relax; we’re not actually trying to teach youhow to fail with internet marketing, but on the contrary. We will show you the mostcommon and dangerous pitfalls of entering an affiliate marketing program so you will know how to avoid them in the future or stop doing them right now if that’s the case.

With a decent history on the market, affiliate marketing is powerful and effective as it gives you the chance to make profit online without having your own products or having to deal with your customers directly. You do your best to let people know there is an awesome product out there and get your commission for every successful call to action that you make. Pretty simple, huh?

Not so fast. Are you aware that approximately 90% of those who enter an affiliate program make no money out of it or too little for being motivated to continue? Why is that? Here are some potential reasons:

  • Choosing poor quality products or products with little search on the market
  • Entering several programs at the same time – for more revenues, of course
  • Relying mostly on the ads and banners provided by the program
  • Getting stuck in the program without enhancing it with complementary strategies
  • Putting all your faith in Google and search traffic

To summarize, this type of internet marketing is all about deciding for a product of high quality, with high demand from consumers, which brings obvious benefits to potential leads. Then you should focus on promoting only that product and bring your own contribution to developing your website, whichmust be more than an intermediary between buyers and manufacturer.

But let us take things one at a time and begin with choosing what you sell. Assuming you have a feeling that a particular niche is currently the rage of online sales, you must ponder all your options. Analyze the request and the current competitors then make your own top of the most successful products for that category and of the most profitable affiliate marketing programs associated to them.

After the thorough research is done, there is one last thing you need to do before actually signing up:test the product for yourselfPersonal experience will be the driving force of your smaller or larger online business. It will help you know how to emphasize the real advantages and even how to hide potential flaws, if this is the path you want to take.

The sign up should ideally involve only one program, despite the fact that you are tempted to make a top three while hoping to convince people into buying one out of three rather than one out of one. But ask yourself: if you choose to promote the best product in that niche, why loose time with second and third best products? As a buyer, once you convince yourself you have found what you are looking for, would you try something else?

Yes, your customers will want to know about other options as well, but why not let your competitors spend resources with promoting those lower rated options? People will visit both you and them but only buy the most promising offer. And this is where you interfere for convincing them:

  • Give them all the information associated with the problem they are looking to solve through that acquisition
  • Post high quality content on the website, do not just stick to a skinny template and a flashy presentation of what you sell
  • Use complementary strategies to help you gain your visitors loyalty – ask them to subscribe for receiving a free e-book or obtain their consent for receiving updates on email whenever the manufacturer brings in discounts and irresistible offers

Last but not least, when everything is set and ready to go, think of what helps with increasing your online visibility. If you do not use all the internet marketing strategies to promote your name, it will be like making a fancy launch of a store far in the woods and no one knows about it.

Relying on Google and other search engines to bring you visitors is one thing, but all the updates that search engines have been implementing can seriously shake your business at some point. For this reason you must also work with becoming an active presence on social networks, staying connected with your leads via email and also gradually increases the authority of your website with white hat SEO techniques.

Expansion will be slow but it will worth the pain and take you out of those 90% affiliate marketers that end up failing.


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