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Recognize Any Internet Marketing Strategy Mistakes ?

By Traian

Anyone with basic experience in the field knows that there are so many ways to go wrong with internet marketing. And still, there are several deadly sins that you cannot make and still call you a strategist.

Greseli marketing

Anyone with basic experience in the field knows that there are so many ways to go wrong with internet marketing. And still,there are several deadly sins that you cannot make and still call you a strategist. But what are we talking about, maybe you don’t even want to be one. Shall we try and convince you it is crucial to have a plan to take you from here to whatever point you want?

The worst strategy mistake is to not have a strategy at all. Easy to say, right? The point is that without it, you cannot:

  • Have a clear action plan to let you know the exact stage of the campaign
  • Have a clear image of the progress achieved
  • Have full control of the overall campaign
  • Have a justification for all the actions

But wait, do you know what a strategy really is? Because if you happen to confuse it with objectives, goals or even tactics, then we need to readjust our top and bring this mistake to the first place.

To make things clear, the difference between objectives respectively goals and strategy is that theobjectives make small chunks of the plan that are desirable and profitable while the strategy is the plan to keep making those chunks happening. You may set the goal to sale goods of $2.000 this month. If so are things, you have achieved the objective. But your strategy is to sell of at least $2.000 next month and the other month and so on. Or at least it should be.

As for the tactics, it is even easier to differentiate them: think of all the design and development measures that you take to make your website more appealing as to a tactic, yet not a strategy. The sum of online tactics will eventually take you to a strategy.

The third common mistake is to have a poor representation of your customers. If you were asked to make a profile of your audience right now, how much information you think you can provide from a glance?

Bear in mind that there are numerous differences in between traditional and online audiences. People have different mentalities and needs and sometimes, those with the largest budgets do not necessarily making the most suitable targets. The more you know about those you address to the more options you have to personalize your messages, products and services, therefore to develop steady and in the right direction.

So far we have mentioned the issues of not knowing what a strategy really is, not having one and not knowing on whom to apply it. Coming up next, the goals we have tangentially mentioned: the biggest mistake with goals is to think that internet marketing is all about getting traffic. What if you would have invested in a pay-per-click campaign as part of your internet marketing strategy? Your goal would have still been to make people chaotically click your ads, visit the website, cost you buy and… buy nothing from you? Better to have fewer visitors but from the category of those who actually convertthan any other option.

Last but not least, because we have talked about tactics and strategies, thinking that internet marketing can only be strengthened in an online environment is another mistake. Everything you do in the offline can be used in one way or another to emphasize your online presence as well.

Are there any fliers spread throughout the town? Make sure there’s your website URL written down. Do you have a television, radio or newspaper commercial? Again, make sure it sends people to you online.

As observations have evolved, do you need to sit and write down every single aspect of your internet marketing strategy? Can you now say that you can define a strategy and, starting from that definition, make one for your business?


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