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Improving Mobile Sites Experience with Help from Google

By Traian

Usually, when Google gives you a hint on what can you do to improve users’ experiences on your website, it is advisable to take full advantage of it.

Mobile website

Usually, when Google gives you a hint on what can you do to improve users’ experiences on your website, it is advisable to take full advantage of it. Now have you caught all the directions that the giant search engine has been lately giving for creating websites dedicated to mobile navigation?

If not, you now have more of a push than a hint: Google launched its latest survey on the 25th of September and the findings are crystal clear: smartphone owners insist on websites optimization for smaller screens and they are more than tempted to give up on the platforms that ignore this requirement.

The study consisted of two research firms that have independently surveyed over 1.000 American adults and then engaged them in focus group activities, with the extra task of making journals for the activities they perform via mobile.

The first idea to consider is that users are particularly reluctant to any frustrating experience with websites poorly optimized for mobile search:

  • 96% of the respondents bumped into not so mobile friendly websites
  • 74% agree they are willing to come back on a site with mobile functionality
  • 72% consider mobile functionality of a website as very important
  • 61% would not buy anything from a poorly mobile-optimized platform
  • 55% claim to reduce their appreciation for a brand that gives them frustrating mobile navigation experiences

Pretty convincing, the information from above can be enhanced with a top of the most desired data and applications that customers would look for on a mobile platform:

  • A physical address of the business headquarters and a schedule for working with the public – 76%
  • A click-to-call on site application to get in touch with the customer support – 62%
  • The option to send an email – 54%
  • Applications to download – 53%
  • Access the company’s page on social networks – 48%
  • Watch videos – 41%

This is what regular users like to perform whenever navigating through websites with their smartphones. Applications appear as quite important so keep them in mind. For now we will also quote several findings in terms of navigational facilities:

  • Finding the search bar fast and accessing more information with no more than one or two clicks – 78%
  • Content adjustment to the screen’s small dimensions – 76%
  • A quick access link to the desktop website version – 74%
  • Short forms that do not require scrolling and the option to save info easy – 73%
  • Large buttons for easy touch activation – 69%
  • Only one direction scrolling, either left-right or up-down – 64%

To make information even more valuable, Google conceived this ambitious survey by several verticals targeting Retail, Travel, Banking and Automotive sectors. Below listed will be the most rated options for each of these verticals:

  • 74% of people who access retail websites want to know more about the operating hours
  • 78% of travel website visitors look for checking flight statuses
  • 77% of banking online services want to be able to check their account balances
  • 66% of automotive websites users are also interested in details on operating hours or general directions

To leave no room for confusions, Google also provides several advices together with these results. Mobile platform developers are suggested to specifically invest in providing users a friendly and easy to navigate through design. The more you dedicate your efforts to allow people get in touch with you while using no matter what type of smartphone, the more chances you have to stay on top of your niche.

Think of this as to an anticipation of responsive web design – the demands for this one derived from the same incredibly fast pace development rate of mobiles. As if it was necessary, another significant conclusion is that mobile sites are on the rise while users demand for sophistication.

A marketer that refuses or fails in aligning to these demands will have little future perspectives. The right optimization however will make 67% of your visitors to either convert or buy from your mobile friendly site. And counting on transforming more than half of your traffic into reliable leads is an option that cannot be ignored.

Still tempted to ignore mobile optimization? Ask yourself whether it worth having 55% of your visitors thinking less about your brand.


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