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Optimizare SEO, Campanii PPC – Cele mai Bune Solutii de Promovare Online a Afacerii Dvs.


Bine ati venit la SEM Lion, locul in care prezenta dumneavoastra online va fi imbunatatita si imbogatita in fiecare zi. In calitate de ofertant de servicii complete de marketing online, am parcurs un drum lung pentru a acumula toata experienta cu care astazi ne mandrim atat de mult si pentru a oferi rezultate cu adevarat eficiente, aducand paginile web ale clientilor nostri in topul rezultatelor generate de motoarele de cautare.

Prin intermediul tehnicilor noastre riguros testate si a strategiilor desfasurate, pe etape, pana la 12 luni, noi va garantam succesul in acest mediu online extrem de competitiv. Aici, la SEM Lion, vedem lucrurile diferit. Echipa noastra de membri experimentati va va ajuta sa urcati pe prima pozitie a topului si sa ramaneti acolo.

Campania afacerii dumneavoastra are nevoie de informatii detaliate pentru a ajunge cu un pas inaintea competitorilor? Noi suntem aici pentru: a va creste ranking-ul si a va oferi informatii de plasare in termeni de SEO (optimizare pentru motoare de cautare), PPC (publicitate de tip pay-per-click), SMM (marketing pe retele sociale), web development si web design, dar si pentru analiza performantelor si tot ceea ce mai este asociat optimizarii pentru marketing online.

Nu aveti cum sa dati gres cata vreme folositi uneltele, serviciile si produsele de cea mai buna calitate si pe care, deloc intamplator, SEM Lion le detine. Acestea constituie atributele esentiale ale serviciilor de internet marketing pe care le oferim.


SEM Lion

Filozofia noastra este simpla si definita de excelenta. Cunoastem si intelegem pe deplin cerintele mediului de afaceri online, prin urmare suntem capabili sa acoperim toate exigentele posibile: pentru cei interesati sa externalizeze procesul de optimizare a serviciilor de marketing online putem oferi servicii complete, de la Optimizare SEO, Adwords, Facebook Ads pana la campanii de Media Buying, Mobile Marketing, Apps Marketing, etc .Pentru cei care au deja resursele interne de implementare, suntem dispusi sa oferim consultanta, analize si planuri strategice de campanie.

Punctul de plecare al oricarei campanii online il constituie stabilirea unui portal de internet pentru afacerea respectiva. Construirea unui site cu caracteristici prietenoase pentru utilizatori si responsive web design-ul definesc baza procesului de optimizare.

Pentru SEM Lion, competenta inseamna principii arhitecturale de web design solide, care sa determine combinatia ideala de informatie valoroasa si resurse navigationale intuitive. In consecinta, vizitatorii dumneavoastra vor beneficia de servicii profesionale, iar dumneavoastra va veti bucura de indeplinirea graduala a obiectivelor din planul de afaceri.

Arhitectura site-ului joaca un rol esential in procesul de marketing online, aceasta indreptatindu-ne sa insistam asupra etapei de planificare inainte de a trece la dezvoltarea propriu-zisa. Aceasta strategie va asigura un proces de design mult mai clar, layout-uri mai productive, o functionalitate mai atractiva pentru toti utilizatorii si un design prietenos din perspectiva motoarelor de cautare.

Strategiile noastre de web design si development genereaza solutii inovative si permit detectarea timpurie a potentialelor probleme prin conceptualizarea elementelor de design pe parcursul campaniei. Nu consideram ca o structura solida constituie elementul definitoriu si tocmai de aceea ne concentram sa optimizam continutul atat pentru motoarele de cautare, cat si pentru vizitatorii umani.

De asemenea, nu suntem de acord ca folosirea exclusiva a metodelor traditionale de marketing va pot propulsa site-ul pe primul loc, motiv pentru care integram strategii inteligente de dezvoltare si aplicam tactici orientate pe generarea de traffic targetat.

Suntem hotarati si motivati sa reusim in tot ceea ce ne propunem. Scopul nostru este sa ducem tacticile de optimizare pentru marketing online la un nou nivel, folosindu-ne de intreaga noastra expertiza in PPC, SEM, web design, Optimizare SEO, optimizarea ratelor de conversie, cresterea populariatii unui brand, dezvoltarea de campanii de fidelizare si lucrul cu web analytics.

Cu SEM Lion veti obtine acel nivel de trafic convertit in profit pe care vi-l doriti.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


The most affordable source of organic unpaid traffic booster, Search Engine Optimization defines the practices that will allow positioning your website into the upper tier of giant search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo for specific targeted keywords.

Success is guaranteed to the platforms best ranked by engines and we have a proven track record for making this happen with the websites we decide to promote. On this page you will learn how to generate and maintain a steady traffic flow towards your website derived from natural results in search engines.

Highly targeted consumers particularly interested in buying the services and products that you promote will be oriented towards your website. Further details on how we can assist you with online placement through complex campaigns can be found on our SEO services page.

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Pay Per Click (PPC)


As opposed to SEO and its gradually built steady traffic, pay per click marketing programs shifts the balance within days, not months. It can instantly make your website visible to countless leads and whenever brought in front of the right persons PPC attracts qualified leads to translate into increased conversion rates.

We strongly support the idea for every business to benefit from such a marketing program. The requirements and the process development will be discussed on this page, with a step by step description of what we can do to grow the value of your business.

Our PPC service page should set the premises for understanding the sales driving force of paid advertising.

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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)


While the primary goal of your business is to let people know about the difference you can make in their lives, the ultimate goal is to achieve the desired bottom line. Converting visitors may refer to anything you set as business goal, be it instant sales or subscriptions to later become purchase oriented, and discovering the flaws that keep your conversion rate tight is made through a series of testing.

We can help with finding the perfect combination of messaging and optimal design as CRO practices are a common segment of our workflow.

From the smallest on site design and development details to major lacks of your landing pages and off site advertising, SEM Lion will engineer all your flaws for higher conversion rate translated into brand awareness, brand loyalty and sales. Conversion Rate Optimization is one of our servicing strengths.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)


Fervently interactive, always crowded, constantly growing, the sector of social media cannot be overlooked as it brings billions of individuals under the same umbrella.

Those individuals are curious, enthusiast, passionate and with personal needs; ready to engage with your business as long as you respond to their needs. Overwhelmed by choices? We can strategize in your name and engage leads through sparkling conversations.

We choose the platform that will bring most benefits to your business and design a SMM strategy to ignite your ROI. We build communities of users that identify with your brand, we make you visible even on the most overcrowded markets and we handle the advertising opportunities that make your business growth. How we do it is detailed on our SMM service page.

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SEO Web Design / Architecture

SEO web design

No, SEO web design is not one and the same with plain web design as it defines the most competitive on site structures. Focused on both providing best quality content to visitors and smashing the niche competition, SEO design does not settle for high impact, but for breath taking servicing.

We can provide you insights on secret design concept implementations for your visitors and for the search engines that will recommend you website with every new search query.

How can we build highly optimized platforms with impressive design features without keywords and code stuffing? Consult our SEO Web Design service page to see for yourself.

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Google Analytics


Web Analytics play an important role in the life cycle of a successful campaign as it provides insightful information on the measurable results of internet marketing programs.

We recognize the importance of effectively analyzing and managing websites and website promotion plans. Consequently we grant utter metrics solutions tailored to determine the nature of traffic sources, on site content impact on leads and resulting return of investment (ROI). With our comprehensive analysis and reporting stats we guide you to analyzing your business productivity on the market compared to the one of competitors.

We discuss on our Analytics service page the methodology and technology we are about to put on your service. By doing so we hope to also put aside the challenges you have previously encountered when facing the overwhelming range of Analytics tools on the market with most of them presenting major flaws in terms of guidance.

Feel free to reach out this page where we describe the methods we can use to assist you with interpreting the progress of your marketing efforts.

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